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Uru Takamura ☼ 高村 潤 ([personal profile] sryibrokedit) wrote2008-12-23 07:26 pm
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ooc: stats & permissions

Name: Uru Takamura
Age: 16
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Height: 154 cm / 5' 1"
Weight: N/A
Bloodtype: N/A
Physical traits: She's canonically mistaken for a primary/elementary school kid, so feel free to think she's younger than she actually is.

What's okay to mention around her: Probably anything. I'd say no spoilers but her canon is kind of the slice-of-life kind and also obscure.

Abilities: Despite her size, she is very strong, and either she forgets this sometimes or she's clumsy. It's enough that she can break dishes, shake a painting off the wall if she hits it hard enough, form cracks on the floor if she slips, or sprain a person's arm if she falls on them (that last one might've happened to anyone, but you get the idea).

Secrets: I think her only secret is that she keeps a photo of her dad in her wallet(?); she doesn't show it to many people.

Note to psychics: ... Uuuuh, human? And a relatively cheerful one! She wants to be your friend. :D

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Hugs are okay. Kissing on the cheek is fine, but not lip-to-lip. She's probably get too embarrassed and shove you away first, meaning you'd probably hit the wall or the floor really had.

Fighting: ... Uuuh, may get back to you on that. But why would you want to fight her anyway, she's so cute. 8(

Can I shapeshift/bodyswitch/spit at/step on/etc?: For once, I say SURE WHY NOT. Her canon has slaptick comedy anyway.

Maim/murder/death: No plz.

Cooking: Fails at anything except rice, but she's been learning a thing or two from her friends, so she can sort of make muffins and rock candy and cookies. She probably needs to be supervised though, as she tends to need reminders of controlling her strength, or someone to catch the batter when she tries to stir too hard. 8D

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