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Uru Takamura ☼ 高村 潤 ([personal profile] sryibrokedit) wrote2010-02-27 12:22 am

Uru's name

Happy Cafe is one of those canons where characters' names (usually) mean something, and it gets brought up sometimes. Uru's family, especially, has this kind of mantra/motto: "Your name is something given to you by your parents and is the second most important thing after your body/life," and they're very serious when people are embarrassed by their own name or when they insult other people's names.

Uru's name was chosen by her father, who had passed away when she was young i.e. way before the start of the manga, but I've been puzzling over the meaning of it for a while because the kanji is one of those that can mean a number of things.

At one point, Uru has a bizarro dream-sort-of-maybe-time-travel (I don't know either) way in the middle or so of the series where she dreams/goes back in time to meet her dad when he's still alive and she learns the meaning behind her name:


潤う (うるおう) can mean: to be moist; to be damp; to get wet; to profit by; to be watered; to receive benefits; to favor; to favour; to charm; to steepen.

Initially I thought that due to her personality, her name had to do with the "to charm" meaning, but when you put it context with her dad's explanation, it seems to take on the "to be watered" meaning instead.

Now my grammar is SHOT so someone else can probably translate this better than me (in fact, please do orz) BUT ANYWAY. Using my fail Japanese skills, the whole thing (seems to) translate into something like: "I want her to be a child who is energetic and can [water/refresh] someone's [withered] heart," presumably speaking about it metaphorically like how you water plants. I'm not sure how to word it in a way that still makes sense and yet doesn't sound awkward though.


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