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A children's book story that appears in Volume 14 written by Chitose, Shindou's mum. It's a Meaningful Analogy. It's sad but kind of sweet and I thought I'd try translating it for a project I'm possibly doing.

つき と オオカミ
The Moon and The Wolf

moonspeak )

attempt at translating; liberties abound )

P.S. If you think you can reword it to flow better and be IDK poetic-y, GO AHEAD. /o\

Uru's name

Feb. 27th, 2010 12:22 am
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Happy Cafe is one of those canons where characters' names (usually) mean something, and it gets brought up sometimes. Uru's family, especially, has this kind of mantra/motto: "Your name is something given to you by your parents and is the second most important thing after your body/life," and they're very serious when people are embarrassed by their own name or when they insult other people's names.

Uru's name was chosen by her father, who had passed away when she was young i.e. way before the start of the manga, but I've been puzzling over the meaning of it for a while because the kanji is one of those that can mean a number of things.

so tricky 8( )

canon news

Jul. 7th, 2009 09:27 am
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I read about this somewhere last year but had yet to see it announced on a reliable source until now.

TOKYOPOP HAS LICENSED SK3C. This will either end very well or very badly. The first volume is due in January 2010. It seems like they will be going with the name Happy Cafe, like some of the other translations that exist out there. At least it'll be easier to refer to from now on.

... Sob this probably means that scanlations are going to stop sometime in the future. T_T

ETA: ... Also wait, what, my adorable canon is ending soon in Japan. Noooooooo ;A;
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Before I forget again - I found out recently through Baka-Updates Manga that the mangaka for Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume has done several one-shots which haven't been published along with SK3C. Now, raws for Uru's canon are already hard to find, so chances of finding these one-shots are even worse. I wish people would scan Hana to Yume indiscriminately like JUMP. 8( Anyway, if anyone - anyone manages to find any scans of the following and is willing to give them to me, I will love you forever.

* Ahiru Kakumei
* Aisatsu no Tobira
* Gokujou Sweet
* Happy Honey
* Orenji Tenshi (this is the most recent one and how I found out that she publishes other one-shots occasionally)
* Ramune Bannouyaku

P.S.: I. I'm so amused Baka-Updates categorised SK3C under "harem".


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