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The Moon and The Wolf

A children's book story that appears in Volume 14 written by Chitose, Shindou's mum. It's a Meaningful Analogy. It's sad but kind of sweet and I thought I'd try translating it for a project I'm possibly doing.

つき と オオカミ
The Moon and The Wolf


ひとりぼっちの オオカミが いました。

嫌われ者の オオカミは 昼間は皆に いじめられるので

暗い夜のほうが 好きでした。

夜に現れる 月だけは

自分を優しく 照らしてくれる からです。

そばに いきたくて 手をのばすけど 届かないから

オオカミは 旅立つことに しました。

くる日も くる日も

朝になったら かくれながら

夜になったら 月を必死で 追いかけました。

それでも 月には 全く近づけず

とうとうオオカミは たおれてしました。



いじめられてる 自分が近づいたら 月に迷惑が かかるんじゃないかと


ひたすら歩き続けた 足は くたくたで

途中で 誰かに ぶつけられた石が 当たったところは とても痛くて

オオカミの 目から

涙がぼろぼろと こぼれおちました。

真上で光る 月は いつものように 優しかったから


オオカミは 言いました。

毎日の 暗闇の中で

君の射す 光だけが

ずっと ずっと

ぼくの みちしるべ だったから。

Once upon a time, there was a lonely wolf.

Because the despised wolf was bullied by everyone during the day, it liked the dark night more.

For only the moon, that appears at night, would gently shine.

The wolf wanted to be near the moon, but although it stretched out its paws, it could not reach, so the wolf went on a journey.

Days came, days went. When it was morning, it would hide, and when it was night, it chased the moon desperately.

But still it could not get close to the moon, and finally, the wolf collapsed from exhaustion.

And the bullied wolf began to think that, maybe, it was just a nuisance to the moon.

Its legs were tired from always walking, and the places where, along the way, it had been hit with rocks hurt so, so much.

One by one, tears spilled forth from the wolf's eyes.

But because, just above, the moon shone gently as always, the wolf said, "Thank you."

For the light you shone, every day, was always, always my guidepost in the dark.

P.S. If you think you can reword it to flow better and be IDK poetic-y, GO AHEAD. /o\

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