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Uru Takamura ☼ 高村 潤 ([personal profile] sryibrokedit) wrote2009-02-14 03:03 am
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Matsuzuki Kou one-shots

Before I forget again - I found out recently through Baka-Updates Manga that the mangaka for Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume has done several one-shots which haven't been published along with SK3C. Now, raws for Uru's canon are already hard to find, so chances of finding these one-shots are even worse. I wish people would scan Hana to Yume indiscriminately like JUMP. 8( Anyway, if anyone - anyone manages to find any scans of the following and is willing to give them to me, I will love you forever.

* Ahiru Kakumei
* Aisatsu no Tobira
* Gokujou Sweet
* Happy Honey
* Orenji Tenshi (this is the most recent one and how I found out that she publishes other one-shots occasionally)
* Ramune Bannouyaku

P.S.: I. I'm so amused Baka-Updates categorised SK3C under "harem".