sryibrokedit: (guppy fish at feeding time)
Uru Takamura ☼ 高村 潤 ([personal profile] sryibrokedit) wrote2009-07-07 09:27 am

canon news

I read about this somewhere last year but had yet to see it announced on a reliable source until now.

TOKYOPOP HAS LICENSED SK3C. This will either end very well or very badly. The first volume is due in January 2010. It seems like they will be going with the name Happy Cafe, like some of the other translations that exist out there. At least it'll be easier to refer to from now on.

... Sob this probably means that scanlations are going to stop sometime in the future. T_T

ETA: ... Also wait, what, my adorable canon is ending soon in Japan. Noooooooo ;A;

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